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Charlie Battery - 1959 - 1969

Scenes of Our Local Neighborhood

- Click Here For Larger Image -Jerry Merrick At Gerszewski Barracks

Standing next to the Charlie Battery, IFC Area, at Gerszewski Barracks

Image by Gerald Merrick - New Mexico - 1959

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Die Vier Kameraden

Nothing like an evening with some lovely ladies and a nice cool glass of Moninger Bier.

GI's from left to right: Allen Marohl, Vern Jasmund, Fred Van Zandt, and Moody Barrentine. The lady on the left seems quite enamored with her escort.


After arriving at Gerszewski Barracks and on my first night out in Germany (Karlsruhe), Monginger Bier was the first brand I tasted, and all the time I was there I think it was one of the best...!

Image by Fred Van Zandt - Alabama - 1958
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- Click Here For Larger Image -Ernie Fried And Jerry Dufour

C’mon Ernie, shut-up and deal the bier coasters...!

Image by Jerry Haslett - Washington - 1959

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