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Charlie Battery - Kleingartach

The Barracks Area - 1959 - 1969

- Click Here For Larger Image -Bulldozer - Wayne Berlinsky’s Toy

Image by Jim Fitzpatrick - Pennsylvania - 1960

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- Click Here For Larger Image -The Charlie Battery Reservoir

The reservoir was our water source, and it was also a play pool for the local ducks in the neighborhood.

They love it and were regular visitors, and they were the only ones who didn't have to show an ID to get on to the kaserne

- Click Here For Larger Image -Yours Truly And My Good Friend Ken Nendick At The Reservoir

I think a lot of these winter shots of the barracks area were shot on the same day. Sometimes you just have to get out and get some air and do something different. And when not on duty, and that means if we were on duty we would be somewhere else, you just hang around the barracks.

So, that means doing something like going out and taking pictures and, I must say, I am so glad we did. We would trade cameras so everyone had a picture for there collection. We rarely went anywhere without our cameras.

The reservoir was our water supply, so it was a vital resource. It had a road around it that became a spare parking area for all the GI vehicles that began to accumulate.

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- Click Here For Larger Image -A Stream Below The Reservoir

This winter scape compliments of mother nature really caught my eye and I just could not resist capturing it on film. The way the water of the stream has undercut the snow banks reminds me of an intaglio etchings I used to do in art school.

The whole scene is perfectly composed, and not by me. Mother nature truly is the perfect artist...!

- Click Here For Larger Image -Troops Hoofin’ It To The Launching Area

Left to right: Windell Kelly, Jim Di Tursi, behind Jim is Bobby Hare, Bobby's cousin Billy Reaves, and does anyone remember who the last person to the right is?

Please let me know if you do...

- Click Here For Larger Image -The Main Gate Locked In Winters Icy Grip

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Cook Otis “Smokey” Davis

Sgt. Otis L. (Smokey or Gunsmoke) Davis discussing his Mercury convertible with one of the physical plant's workers.

Anyone remember the workers name. It's not Morris, he was taller and thinner.

- Click Here For Larger Image -Gourmet Chef Donald Pruitt

Don Pruitt finishing his cigar before going back into the mess hall. I think the guy in the doorway and probably on KP, is Aaron Kimbrough of the Launching Area

What do you guys think... Anybody know...?

- Click Here For Larger Image -On KP

Duty we all looked forward to every month .... Right...!

I am glad we have at least one photo of the kitchen, and our contribution to the service it provided us. The food was actually pretty good, except when they served "LIVER"...! I just could'nt do it....!

By the way, can anyone help out with an ID for this hardworking GI?

Image by John & Charlotte Standerfer - Texas - 1967

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Lionel Gonzales And Rob Peterson Hammin' It Up

Once again Nendick convinces Lionel and Rob to wash his car.

He probably promised he would drive them to Brackenheim to drink beer. I'm surprised he is not sitting in his car taking pictures of them while they are washing it.

Image by Ken Nendick - Chicago - 1960

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