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For Your Information

Secific information about the Reunion in Huntsville, Alabama still has a few T's to cross and I's to dot before the agreement is finalized. We will provide this information as soon as Byrd finishes that arduous task. However, you can start to make your reservations for the hotel, as many already have, anytime from now using the information provided below, so please check back for the official information.

Also, there will be full time videographers taping all of the various Reunion events and Video Memories be made availble to all members free as part of the Reunion package.

And finally, there are no photos of the hotel to view as of yet either. They are supposed to be coming.

Registration Information:

Embassy Suites Hotel - 800 Monroe Street

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Reservations phone number: 1-800-362-2779

Please state you're with the 3rd/71st ADA Reunion in Huntsville, AL, October 9th-12th - 2016, and use the Reference Code "ADA"

For More Information Call Don Yarbrough:

309-689-0449 or 309-361-0637