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Reunions Through The Years

A Photo History Of Comradeship & Brotherhood

Hello Jim - I have prepared these sample pages with the Reunion photos that you sent to me awhile back so that we can discuss them in real time over a telephone call. I thought this would be easier then trying to remember what you sent, that way I can get the correct infomation about them. I am not sure if these photos cover more than one Reunion, or just one.

I am trying to decide just how I will list the new "Reunions" heading in the menus block. I am thinking that, at this point, it would be easier to put under the "Kleingartach" and "Hardheim" Headings on the main Navagation Bar, rather than create a new main heading in the main navagation bar, but I have done both above and I am wondering which option you think works best

I hope you have time for a conversation sometime soon after you receive this CD.

Also, I am hoping that you would be willing to write a little bit about your early Reunion memories and also some memories of Howard Webb, because I think maybe not enough has been documented about his 3rd71st documentation and dedication to the battalion, and I know you also were part of those early experiences, and it would be great if you had a photo of him so I could create a dedication document for our "Archives" page. I would lay it out in Adobe Indesign and make it a pdf like most of the other documents in the Archives area. So please think about that request.

The rest of the text is just meaningless filler text to make the overall page look like it should.

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If you've never been to Garmiach it's definitley a trip you will always cherish. I have wonderful memories of the area, and some nice images also, as you will see. Remember: Click those thumbnail images soldier...!