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Charlie Battery - Kleingartach

The Barracks Area - 1959 - 1969

- Click Here For Larger Image -Alpha Section Chief SFC Deal Washin’ His Lavender Olds

Sgt. Deal was my Section Chief. He is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was a good Section Chief, with a sense of humor and fair play.

I think the other guy in the picture is Sgt. Vincent E. Skinner, Charlie Section Chief... Anybody know...?

- Click Here For Larger Image -BCO Captain Eugene Wroten and PFC Robert Hamilton

Captain Wroten wsa an extremely well liked Battery Commander. “Click here” to view a tribute we have assembled in his honor and it can which can be viewed if just .

How we felt is all in that document, so nothing more needs to be said, unless someone else would like to add a coment here in this area.

Image by Ken Nendick - Chicago

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Charles Ohearn Receiving His Promotion

Charles Ohearn receives his promotion to Chief Warrant Office III on the front steps of the Charlie Battery Barracks in 1965.

Presenting the promotion is Battalion Commander Ernest Roberts, while Charles' wife and son, as well as Battery Commander Frank Musmanno, join in the celebration.

Charles worked in Assembly down in the Launching Area, although due to critical manpower shortages at the time, he performed a variety of other duties around the Battery.

Image by Charles Ohearn - Texas - 1965

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Dress Right... Dress!

Early morning formation, before chow. The long shadows show that the sun is still low on the horizon, having recently risen.

Still a lot of cars in the parking lot. I can spot my section chief SFC Festus Deal's two tone lavender and maroon 1957 Oldsmobile seventh one up the row. A real cruiser on those small German roads.

- Click Here For Larger Image -BCO Captain Mullen Giving Chopper Rides To The Troops

I did get the opportunity to have a ride in this chopper and it was a neat to see the whole site, and the expanse of The Heuchelberg, from the air.


Bob Ware, the Generator Tech in the Launching Area, has a great story about his chopper ride experience.

“Capt. Mullen was a helicopter pilot plus CO of Charlie Battery... He was always trying to fly enough to keep everything current. I believe on a particular Sunday, either in 1961 or 1962, he flew up to the barracks, landed and asked if anyone wanted to take a ride with him, of course I volunteered.

I never rode in a helicopter in my life, also had not flown in a fixed aircraft. We took off, turned out toward the Schloss, adding elevation at the same time. When we got passed by the Schloss, and not saying a word, he dropped down low over the Vineyards in the Valley...

The drop being totally unexpected and so quick, caused my stomach to rise as fast as we had gone down. I didn't throw up, but I'm sure my shorts got soiled by this maneuver. It was a great experience.”

Image by Ken Nendick - Chicago

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Camp Followers Trying to Cash In

This is such a fine looking structure with fascinating architectural lines. I think maybe the architect was influenced by the Bauhaus Movement of the 1930's, with its form and function having that industrial look.

If you look closely in the Pop-up Image you will see, to the far right, a couple of Deutschland's finest...!

At least that's what I think it is. I know I never saw any GI's in a skirt, so I'm sure that's not it.

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- Click Here For Larger Image -The Heuchelberg Farmlands Spring Thaw

From this view we are looking directly towards Brackenheim and Heilbronn.

Following the road out the Main Gate and down to the trees in the distance, one can turn left to go down to Niederhofen, or turn right and go down through Haberschlacht, Brackenheim, and on to Heilbronn.

- Click Here For Larger Image -Officer Staff Joining In Celebrations In The Mess Hall

This either on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. An idea of what a holiday menu was like can be viewed if you “Click Here”.

From left to right Standing: CWO Richard C. Lawson, 1st. Lieutenant Gerald Richardson, Captain John Popovics. Captain Popovics is talking to Mrs. Lawson, and the “shutterbug” behind the BCO is PFC James Fitzpatrick.

The dapper dude sitting behind the BCO is none other than famous and infamous PFC Lionel Gonzales, a well known Detroit Bon Vivant.

Holidays at the battery were warm and festive, and I have warm memories of the attention to detail made to have them be special days for the troops. In a way to honor and show appreciation of our efforts, duty and sacrifice.

Image by Jim Fitzpatrick - Pennsylvania - 1960

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Holiday Gathering In The Mess Hall

With the Cups of Cheer and a delicious hors d'oeuvre, it appears to be a holiday celebration. I'm guessing Christmas with a cup of Eggnog... What do you thinks...?

The holiday revellers are only partly recalled. The first from the left is Staff Sergeant Roger Jarvis of the Launching Area - Assembly, the next GI is unknown, then is Fred (Olney) Van Zandt of the IFC, and the last SFC is also unknown as well.

If anyone can help identifying the two un-named guys it would be greatly appreciated. Just send an email or give me a call.

Image by Jim Fitzpatrick - Pennsylvania - 1960

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Serious Discussions In The Canteen

Solving the worlds problems was serious stuff in the Charlie Battery Canteen. And this image is no exception. Of those who can be seen from left to right are:

In the foreground is Leo Quinlan, then just behind Leo leaning on the bar, is Robert Appenzeller. And to Robert's right is Clifford Scott who is talking to Robert Hamilton, while Lester Archambeau looks on.

Finally, and most essential to this cast of characters, is the bartender... Bob Norkol.

I can't tell who the two guys on the far left are. Can you...?

Image by Jim Fitzpatrick - Pennsylvania - 1960

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