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Charlie Battery Kleingartach Today - Back To Nature

By Friends In Germany And Former Battery Members

- Click Here For Larger Image -The Perimeter Road Down Below Bravo And Charlie Sections...?

I am guessing that this is perimeter road below Bravo and Charlie Section, with the Niederhofen Vineyards on the slopes below and to the left of the road.

So it seems as though the road goes up and around to the right towards the Ready Room - LCT area. That upper area was part of a point of land that they were on that looked out and over the Niederhofen Valley below.

So what do you guys think, am I close? Anybody have any ideas to contribute...?

Image by Herbert Ade-Thurow - Deutschland - 2010

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Over Looking The Main Road To Launching Area Main Gate

Once again this does not look correct. When we were there the site was on level ground with the road from the barracks. This area/road seems like an artificially elevated area that is looking down on the entrance road below.

So, things do change over time with the current needs. I am just curious what is going on there now. I do know that the government owns the launching area ground, but that Niederhofen owns the forest resources.

Image by Herbert Ade-Thurow - Deutschland - 2010

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