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Charlie Battery - Kleingartach/Hardheim

23 Year Odyssey in Rural Germany - 1959 - 1983

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The Delta Battery Website Domain Name Has Been Hi-Jacked

Due to unavoidable and uncontrollable events the Delta Battery Website Domain Name renewal was missed, and some "Vulture Company" in Africa immediately swooped in and grabbed the Domain Name away from Don Yarbrough before he could correct the situation. Not only did they feed on the domain name they completely downloaded all of the content from the site, which is really very easy "PINHEAD" thing to do. The Karma is not on their side...!

Now they are holding it all for RANSOME, so in order to regain use of the Domain Name and its content they want $500.00. Efforts by GoDaddy to resolve the situation are on going, however, because it is a foreign entity, it seems as though little can be done.

This is a courtesy page explaining the situation, so that all of the Delta Battery crew and friends understand that it's not our wish for the site to be off-line, and we are as frustrated and disappointed as well.

Thank you...

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